Real-Time Data Experts

our Portfollio


Standardised, Stable, yet Flexible

Connected Hardware

  • • Custom Design LE Tags, Actuators, Controllers and Gateways to meet project needs.

  • • Capability to standardize data acquired from heterogeneous environments.

  • • Capability to build basic DAQ application which would integrate APIs with any advanced platform/application of your choice including SAP/ERP/MIS etc.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing Solutions

  • • Machine Data Acquisition through a combination of RS232 MT Connect, extra sensors and Operator HMI feeds.

  • • Machines CBMs, Factory Floor Data Acquisition.

  • • OEE based analytics.

  • • Machine interlock through attributes.

  • • Hierarchy based dashboard

  • • Machine Asset Intelligence

IOT Based Embedded Video Analytics

  • • Our application can utilize your existing CCTv set-up, through application sitting on offline server. No need of internet or separate cameras in most cases.

  • • Face and License plate recognition.

  • • Trip wire, object added/missing/left behind alerts.

Live GIS maps (RAPID Platform)

  • • RAPID*: Real-Time Agricultural Produce and Industry Data (*Patent applied Platform)

  • • Wide Area Sensor Network and Mobile app data feed onto Map .

  • • Customized Mobile App for Farmers, Agri Agents and Sellers

  • • Crop, Cattle and Irrigation Monitoring Solutions

Smart City

  • • Intelligent Transport System

  • • Smart Parking

  • • Citizen Safety

GPS Vehicle and Field Staff Tracking

  • • Daily Route Analysis, Halt Reports

  • • Track the location , time and visits real time data

  • • Customize Mobile App

Embedded System

  • • Proven Custom designed Hardware and Protocol capability.

  • • Industry specific solutions and use cases available

  • • Smart meter /automatic meter reading(AMR)

Digital Classroom

  • • Survey and Design of Hardware Components.

  • • E-learning Platform, Interactive Display and Audio Set-up

  • • LAN/WAN/Internet and ICT infrastructure