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Achieving greater connectivity, through easily adaptable secure technology, INTELLINET strives to become a key player for Cyber-Physical Systems i.e. interconnecting Human-Machine for Social Intelligence. We want to transform life to be faster, simpler and more efficient through connected hardware and analytics.


Through The INTELLINET of Things concept, we want to impact on ordinary lives and become an integrated part of verticals such as Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation, Retail, Facility management, Agriculture, Healthcare, Water resources management, and Utilities.


We look forward to providing Solutions to governments, telecom operators, manufacturers, Service Providers and industry users. We want to offer all types of M2M solutions, be it Machine to Machine, Machine to Man, Man to Machine, or Machine to Mobile; the Intellinet of Things shall smartly connect humans, devices, and systems.

From smart parking to traffic management, from water conservation to waste management, from product design to consumer experience, all answers will be found in the Intellinet of Things and we will help to find a better and economical way to deal with those.