Real-Time Data Experts


Simple, Specific and Secure.


We capture data as per desired KPIs of client. Not just sensors/actuators, we also have use cases wherein we’ve used Audio/Video inputs to capture parameters. Let us know what’s important data point to you, we will pull in our best to deliver. We also design embedded solutions for OEMs to help them monitor health of their products remotely.


Owing to varying field and client requirements,we believe in bringing in data in Technology agnostic way.Be it GSM/Bluetooth/Ethernet/WiFI/RF/LoRa or whatever, we keep it simple and RoI oriented, without any fuss. While designing architecture, we always remain realistic towards strengths, and weaknesses, of infrastructure on ground.


There are always multiple touch points with varied equipment, to capture same KPIs. We’ve worked on equipment as old as 40+ years on shopfloor, delivering same OEE parameters as the latest VMCs. We process and standardise data on-site before dispatch. In few cases, we’ve modified protocols, to match existing data strings of client, thereby keeping cost low.


End of day, it all boils down to how the end user consumes the data and what value our solution brings to him/her. We present data in a sensible manner responding to various hierarchical roles within organisation for high-end analytics. Our core is acquiring data real-time, and we believe in synergy with SIs and clients.


Standardised, Stable, yet Flexible

Connected Hardware

  • • Custom Design LE Tags, Actuators, Controllers and Gateways to meet project needs.

  • • Capability to standardize data acquired from heterogeneous environments.

  • • Capability to build basic DAQ application which would integrate APIs with any advanced platform/application of your choice including SAP/ERP/MIS etc.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing Solutions

  • • Machine Data Acquisition through a combination of RS232 MT Connect, extra sensors and Operator HMI feeds.

  • • Machines CBMs, Factory Floor Data Acquisition.

  • • OEE based analytics.

  • • Machine interlock through attributes.

  • • Hierarchy based dashboard

  • • Machine Asset Intelligence

IOT Based Embedded Video Analytics

  • • Our application can utilize your existing CCTv set-up, through application sitting on offline server. No need of internet or separate cameras in most cases.

  • • Face and License plate recognition.

  • • Trip wire, object added/missing/left behind alerts.

Live GIS maps (RAPID Platform)

  • • RAPID*: Real-Time Agricultural Produce and Industry Data (*Patent applied Platform)

  • • Wide Area Sensor Network and Mobile app data feed onto Map .

  • • Customized Mobile App for Farmers, Agri Agents and Sellers

  • • Crop, Cattle and Irrigation Monitoring Solutions

Smart City

  • • Intelligent Transport System

  • • Smart Parking

  • • Citizen Safety

GPS Vehicle and Field Staff Tracking

  • • Daily Route Analysis, Halt Reports

  • • Track the location , time and visits real time data

  • • Customize Mobile App

Embedded System

  • • Proven Custom designed Hardware and Protocol capability.

  • • Industry specific solutions and use cases available

  • • Smart meter /automatic meter reading(AMR)

Digital Classroom

  • • Survey and Design of Hardware Components.

  • • E-learning Platform, Interactive Display and Audio Set-up

  • • LAN/WAN/Internet and ICT infrastructure