supply chain and Logistic

Intellinet Supply Chain & Logistics’ Solution offers tracking and monitoring of your resources to give you a constant picture of where your vehicles, consignments or staff are at all times and their operational condition.

We maintain a cross-functional approach, which includes monitoring the movement of raw materials into an organization, key aspects of the internal processing of materials into finished goods, and the movement of finished goods out of the organization and toward the end consumer. Thus we help client achieve end-to-end transparency of operation with least possible human intervention. It also offers route optimization, alerts for wrong use etc. through vehicle diagnostics, to provide owners and operators with a very effective asset and people management tool. We monitor the in-transit condition (Temperature, Humidity, Fluidity, and level) inside the containers and optimize delivery schedule.


Client can keep track of your vehicles wherever they are – and wherever you are – with constant vehicle and asset visibility, vehicle history, geo-fencing and alerts monitoring.


Accurate recording of distance travelled and operating hours ensure precise monthly billing and service and maintenance scheduling, with Standard delivering diagnostic and preventative system monitoring.


Vehicles in your fleet are provided by accurate data to not only reduce your operating costs, but also to extend the life cycle of your assets.