Manufacturers in all sectors are connecting their factories to be more productive and efficient. IoT solutions in the space generally include having sensors placed on equipment in factories so that data can be collected about the performance of the machine and systems. For example, a manufacturer can use IoT solutions to
• Better track assets in the factory
• Consolidate control rooms.
• Scope for Manufacturing Customized Products
• Ease in Maintaining Quality
• Increased Transparency in Operations

Intellinet solution for Industry 4.0 works at different levels, separately or collectively, depending upon client needs and their existing infrastructure:

1.Device level

the primary interface level it includes the actuators, sensors, and other such data capturing modes.

2. Machine level

the hardware from device level is embedded into individual machines.

3.Cell or System level

a group of machines or workstations connected and supported by a material handling system, computer, and other equipment’s needed for a manufacturing process.

4. Plant level

it receives instructions from the corporate information system and translate them into operation plan for production.

5. Enterprise level

the highest level it is concerned with all functions necessary to manage the factory and business objectives.


• DCS (Distributed Control Systems)
• PLCs (programmable controller and I/O modules)
• CNC (computer numerical control)
• Embedded computer board or Systems
• Sensors / Measurement Equipment
• Motor control
• Motion control
• Machine vision


Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in manufacturing operations are helping manufacturers produce products faster and at lower costs. Intellinet develops and offers the technical building blocks required to assemble distributed systems of devices and sensors which are effectively connected to IT infrastructures.  Intellinet M2M/IoT platform is a combination of hardware, firmware, and operating systems, programming frameworks that dramatically accelerate the time to market of M2M / IoT projects and enable customers to layer their added-value components on a reliable read-to-use infrastructure.