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The Hospital Asset Management and Tracking Solution enable you to manage hospital machinery and equipment and track assets. The equipment tracking solution works by placing RFID labels on hospital equipment like stretchers, wheel chairs, ECG machine and the like which can then be traced through RFID readers in real time. Vision software available on your staff’s mobile devices enables them to view all the equipment in real time.


Intellinet provide embedded video surveillance- a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements. With our suite of video management and network-based systems, providing video surveillance from a centralized, or even remote, location is more efficient than ever. The solution provided by Intellinet is: • Centralize Patient Observation
• Remotely Monitor Emergency Department
• Monitor for Drug Diversion
• Monitor Patients with Diminished Faculties
• Increase Safety in Public Areas


Once your device is connected software will begin to monitor and collect any type of data generated by the device. The data can be transmitted to the server for storage, analysis and additional processing.
• Data collection and real time analysis
• Monitor device operation for faults and prevent malfunctions
• Remote control and device configuration
• Maintain an active device inventory and track Assets


Intellinet provide sophisticated Transport Management technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software for the ambulance. You receive real-time vehicle tracking
updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop along with schedule report facility .On Mobile App or computer, one can track the location of Ambulance at any time, ETA, monitor fuel consumption, and take corrective measures on unsafe driving behavior of driver with GPS tracking and diagnostics through Alert mechanism

• Real time transportation tracking
• Daily Route Analysis, Halt Reports
• Vehicle Load and Route optimization
• Speed Alert, AC on/off
• Remote Fuel/ Engine Cut Off
• Virtual Geo-fencing of stops/routes/strategic