Government & Public Sector


Intellinet offers a cost-effective and convenient solution to storing /tracking Government records and other archive materials, by carefully scanning and indexing these files. Eliminate the unnecessary expenses related to locating, printing and mailing documents. With our simple to use retrieval software, locating and sharing these files has never been easier. Intellinet offers full indexing of records, enabling searches for any file by barcode tags. Real time desk/staff monitoring of document or file
• Unique ID Verification using bar code label
• Mobile and desktop alert
• Setup multiple file track on go


Intellinet smart city solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from the following points • Intelligent Transport System
• Smart Parking
•Smart urban lightning
• Waste Management
• Remotely Monitoring Assets
• Tele-care
• Citizen Safety
• Smart Grid
• Water Management
• City pollution monitoring


Intellinet Video Analytics display live video with real time alerts. The ability to be notified immediately when unusual activity is detected allows any available personnel to react upon alerts immediately. These include email notification SMS messaging, on-screen alerts, alarms and triggers and even contacting the proper authorities or the admin .This technique allows you to better monitor your location with the smartest and latest security technology.
•Facial recognition
•Object recognition
•License plate recognition
•Counting objects, such as cars or people;
•Queue management


Intellinet provide sophisticated Transport Management technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. You receive real-time vehicle tracking updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop along with schedule report facility .On Mobile App or computer, one can track the location of vehicles at any time, monitor fuel consumption, and take corrective measures on unsafe driving behavior of driver with GPS tracking and diagnostics through Alert mechanism

Real time transportation tracking
Daily Route Analysis, Halt Reports
Vehicle Load and Route optimization
Speed Alert, AC on/off
Remote Fuel/ Engine Cut Off
Virtual Geo-fencing of stops/routes/strategic