Intellinet provides complete smart grid and energy management solutions that drive energy efficiency, operational improvements, for commercial and industrial customers, and consumers.


Intellinet Smart metering solution essentially involves an electronic power meter supplemented by full remote control, diagnostics, power peak and consumption analysis, anti-tampering mechanisms, fault alert, time-variable, and many more possibilities. Real-time smart home/smart building energy profile Smart metering over HVAC, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment
Smart meter data analytics
Secure over-the-air configuration
Fault detection
Recognizes and details electric consumption


Intellinet deals with wireless sensor network, smart grid enables both utilities and customers to transfer, monitor, predict, and manage energy usage effectively and costly. The benefits of wide sensor Networks are-

1.improved physical and operational security and resilience against attacks or disasters
2.increased energy efficiency
3.improved reliability and safety
4.A reduction in peak energy demand