Connected Hardware, or Cyber-physical systems, as offered by Intellinet brings custom hardware to achieve connectivity real-time, in Agriculture, Industry, health care, asset tracking, emergency response, traffic flow management, and electric power generation and delivery, as well as in many other areas. Other related Connected Hardware technologies include:

• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Industrial Internet
• "Smart" Anything (e.g., Cars, Buildings, Homes, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Appliances)
• Smart Cities
• Smart Grid
• Smart Farms etc.

Our Connected hardware solutions include:

• Devices using a combination of a processor and software without any operating system.
• Devices with embedded processors, based on real time OS (RTOS) like Linux, Windows CE, and Android and software developed on Java, JavaScript, C++ etc.
• Additive Manufacturing
• And a lot more addressing to pain areas of clients through connected systems.