Intellinet provides crop monitoring and connected farms using IoT enabled solution, which is robust and reliable. We digitalize farming and agricultural activities so that the farmers can check on the requirements of the crops and accurately predict their yield and progress.


The Smart Irrigation System is an IoT based solution which is capable of automating the irrigation process by analyzing the moisture of soil, ambient climate condition and water distribution systems. RAPID helps to control and monitor the irrigation system on digital live maps. Multiple types of sensors are used to achieve final desired outcome


Monitoring crop and soil conditions is a simple use case—but it can lead to a sound for farmers. Such as:

• Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients.
• Controlling water usage for optimal crop growth.
• Predict the optimal time to plant and harvest.
• Monitor and report weather conditions.

Cattle Monitoring:

Cattle Monitoring Solution based on RFID is an extremely efficient way of tracking animals & monitoring their movements and habits. We use RFID tags that are specially developed to be affixed to animals. Certain tags can be fixed to ears; another one is embedded into animal's interior while yet another can be fixed to animals' legs Our RFID based Cattle Tracking Solution makes it easier to search for missing animals by using our RFID readers at strategic locations. Our solution is useful at poultry, cattle-farming & breeding, zoos, slaughterhouses etc.

Livestock Monitoring:

Our Livestock Monitoring applications gather data regarding the health, well-being, and location of farmer’s livestock. This information helps them in many ways such as identify sick animals.

Internet of Things applications in agriculture include farm equipment tracking, livestock monitoring, logistics monitoring, and much more such as • Sensor-based field and asset mapping
• Remote equipment monitoring : Harvesters, Tractors, Irrigation Systems, Powered
• Remote crop monitoring: Crop stage, breed, growth, harvest planning
• Pictorial Maps: RAPID
• Livestock Monitoring