Knowing the location and monitoring the health of your most valuable assets is critical to business operations. Thanks to Intellinet Solutions, remote tracking of everything from heavy equipment to fleets to consignments, documents, personnel, and crops can reduce risk, minimize inventory, save money and create new revenue streams for businesses, in addition to making life easier. Intellinet specializes in using multiple technologies, while providing uniform output in spite of heterogeneous acquisition of data, such as

• Barcodes and QR codes
• GPS and GSM
• Wi-Fi, IR
• Image Analytics
• Low Energy Tags
• Zigbee and Bluetooth
And other emerging technologie

We help clients to:

• Track and trace the remote assets
• Prevent theft and enhance security of items
• Maximize employee and equipment efficiency
• Reduce equipment downtime through better planning

Not just that, through our custom solutions, when adding new assets to the asset tracking database, you can capture additional useful information. Such as

• Item Description
• Model & Serial Number
• Location
• User
• Condition
• Maintenance schedule etc..

Whenever a change is made, the information can be easily updated to be accurate and up to date. Proper asset tracking is required for regulatory compliance in certain industries. You can also get real-time reports on the position and status of each asset.